The Virustatic Shield reusable mask


The Virustatic® Shield has been developed to reduce pathogenic microbial intake into the human respiratory system. Its revolutionary protein coating disables viruses on contact to helps slow the spread of viruses like no other face mask currently on the market and has been proven in the lab to be 96% effective against influenza viruses. This protein layer also allows the mask to be touched without transferring the virus for non-hazardous disposal once used.

It can be issued as front line protection for key workers including passengers traveling via helicopter to and from offshore structures such as oil rigs and wind turbines. Its lightweight 360° snood design moulds to the wearer’s face, allowing the shield to be comfortably worn for hours at a time and will stay in place even when approaching a helicopter with its main rotor in motion.


  • Antiviral coating neutralises more than 96% Airborne viruses
  • Cuts risk of cross-contamination from saliva droplets
  • Prevents and protects against airborne virus transmission
  • Hygienic fabric coating disables virus, so your shield is safe to touch
  • Protects your critical virus infection points: Mouth, nose and ears
  • Non-hazardous disposal
  • Natural fabric for breathability
  • Designed for comfort
  • Easy fit


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