Winter Precautions 10/01/2020

As you are all aware , with winter drawing near, symptoms of cough, cold and flu will be the most common ailments we will be increasingly exposed to. Therefore, it is highly essential for us, to not only offer expert advice on treating symptoms, but to also utilise every opportunity to promote good and correct hygiene practice to prevent the spread of these contagious illnesses.

Sore throat

Gargling can moisten a sore throat and bring temporary relief. Try a tea spoon of salt dissolved in warm water, four times daily. To reduce the tickle in your throat, an astringent gargle, such as gargling with tea that contains tannin can aid in tight-ending the membranes. The use of a thick, viscous gargle containing honey could also help relief a tickly throat – add one tablespoon of raspberry leaves or lemon juice in two cups of hot water; mix one with teaspoon of honey. Let the mixture cool to room temperature before gargling.

Blow your nose often — and in the right way

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It is important to blow your nose regularly when you have a cold instead of sniffling and accumulating mucus inside you. How-ever, when you blow hard, pressure can cause an earache. Thus, the best way to blow your nose is to press a finger over one nostril while you blow gently to clear the other. Wash your hands immediately after blowing your nose to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Coughing and sneezing

Ensure you cover your mouth/nose whilst coughing/sneezing with a tissue. Dispose the tissue and wash your hands immediately to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Washing your hands is one of the easiest ways to protect yourself and others from winter illnesses such as flu.

Washing hands properly removes dirt, viruses and bacteria to stop them spreading to other people and objects, which can spread illnesses such as flu, food poisoning or diarrhea.