Pillbox Chemist FAQ

What is Pillbox Chemist?

Pillbox Chemist is one of the leading UK Chemists and they have a highly skilled team of qualified pharmacists. Offering a wide range of high quality tailored NHS and private pharmacy services.

What services does Pillbox Chemist offer?

They offer tons of different tests which include Allergy Test, Blood Pressure Check, Blood Sugar Test, Cannabis Clinic, Cholesterol Test, Emergency Contraception, Lung Age Test, Medicine Use Review, Now Medicine Service, Winter Flu Jabs, Health Check, Health Check Plus, Heart Rhythm, Pulse + 0.2 Saturation, Travel Clinic, Weight Management, 

Who are Pillbox Chemists?

An independent private healthcare business aiming to provide personalised Medical care of the highest quality; available to all local residents under one roof. PillBox Chemists sites open 5 days a week and offer same day appointments for most procedures, giving you unbeatable access to affordable and instant private care. Beat the NHS waiting times by servicing your health needs at one of our sites. Our highly competitive pay-as-you-go prices and unrivalled membership plans ensure we can meet every patient’s needs, whether you prefer one-off appointments or ongoing membership.

Why should you use Pillbox Chemist?

You should use Pillbox Chemist because they are experts in your field and they are  affordable for everyone to be able to pay for their healthcare. Not to mention the staff are very professional and they are experts in what they do which range from all types of medicines. There’s something for everyone and they’re an expert in that field as well, so don’t hesitate to shop at a family friendly place. 

Can you shop online with pillbox chemist?

You can shop online, which will save you from having to go out to the shops!

What branches does Pillbox Chemist have?

They currently have 23 branches over England so if you wanted to go to any of these you will be able to get the high service that you deserve and within one of these branches you be able to be served with the most professionalism that you’ve ever had.

Is my information safe with Pillbox Chemist?

Your private information is safe with Pillbox chemist we understand that you might feel unsure especially when we’ve not been around as long as some of the others. However we take your privacy very seriously and we will do whatever we must to keep it safe and protected behind our high-tech firewalls.

What days are we open & closed? 

  • Monday 9am-6:30pm
  • Tuesday 9am-6:30pm
  • Wednesday 9am-6:30pm
  • Thursday 9am-6:30pm
  • Friday 9am-6:30pm
  • Saturday Closed
  • Sunday Closed

Is Pillbox Chemist busy during work-days?

We are a very busy company but we have enough time for everyone so if you would like to come in on a work-day, we would be with you very quickly and if you don’t want to wait you can always order online. This saves the hassle of doing it in person, instead you can do it online and it saves you time lining up and paying. The average waiting time when it’s busy is only 5-10 minutes wait. Which might sound long but in reality it’s actually very fast for a Chemist due to all the paperwork, but our staff are great at keeping the waiting time down.

If I shop online how long will it take for delivery?

If you bought online and if they have it in stock it should only take a couple of working days, or if it’s not in stock then it can take up to a week so think to yourself do you need it urgently or can you wait a bit. We also have the option of next day delivery if you don’t want to have to wait for it for too long.

Can I get my Flu Jab done in-store?

You can get your Flu Jab done in-store if you would like if it’s busy then you might be waiting around for a qualified staff member. However if it’s not busy then you should be served quickly and effectively. 

Can I get an Allergy Test done in-store?

If you’re in need of an Allergy Test then you can have one done in store. You may need to book an appointment for us to get all the paperwork and samples in order and you should hear from them within 2-4 weeks as obviously the tests have to be processed once done. 

Do you follow all the regulations NHS has provided?

We follow NHS regulations to the letter, as we understand that medicine is very dangerous if you use it incorrectly. 

What if you don’t have some medicine in, how long will it take for re-supply?

The average waiting time for re-supply should usually take 1-3 working days and if they had delays it could be up to 5 working days, but you can also order online.