Electronic Prescription Service

epsWhat is The NHS Electronic Prescription Service?

The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) is a new NHS service that allows your GP to send your prescription(s) directly to your chosen pharmacy electronically. This means that you can choose to have a paper-free prescription service.

Who is it for?

Electronic prescriptions will be of particular benefit if:

  • You have a repeat prescription and do not want to collect it from your GP every time it is due
  • You regularly collect your medicines from the same pharmacy
  • You use a repeat prescription service

Why use the NHS Electronic Prescription Service?

  • An NHS service at no cost to you
  • To simplify your life
  • Less visits to your GP surgery to collect repeat prescriptions
  • Choose a pharmacy that is convenient for you

How The Service Works?

  1. Nominate the pharmacy you choose to dispense your electronic prescription(s) (Find you local chemist click here>>)
  2. GP generates your prescription and transmits it to your nominated pharmacy
  3. Pharmacy dispenses your medication in the usual way
  4. You choose visit the pharmacy and collect your medicines or have them delivered for FREE (contact our pharmacy for more information)

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