Winter Precautions 10/01/2020

As you are all aware , with winter drawing near, symptoms of cough, cold and flu will be the most common ailments we will be increasingly exposed to. Therefore, it is highly essential for us, to not only offer expert advice on treating symptoms, but to also utilise every opportunity to promote good and correct hygiene practice to prevent the spread of these contagious illnesses. Sore throat Gargling can moisten a sore throat and bring temporary relief. Try a tea spoon of salt dissolved in warm water, four times daily. To reduce the tickle in your throat, an astringent gargle, such as gargling with tea that contains tannin can aid in tight-ending the membranes. The use of a thick, viscous gargle containing honey could also help relief a tickly throat – add one tablespoon of raspberry leaves or lemon juice in two cups of hot water; mix one with teaspoon […]

Who to call if you need help during the festive period?

In East Berkshire, the NHS provides out of hours clinic for the moments that are not serious and does not require you to go to the sometimes crowded a&e departments. During the Christmas Period, some GPs tend to close. However, in East Berkshire, clinics here work with the Commissioning Groups. What this means for you is that you have access to urgent care centres. In fact, by simply calling the NHS 111 service, you will be able to visit one of their care services or simply walk in at any of these clinics: The NHS is committed to providing services at all times. 999 is always an emergency contact that is always running and has fully trained advisers manning the phone service who collaborate with the local service. Minor injuries unit are operational and face to face appointments are still available. The GP surgeries are open from 8 am to […]


Apple’s acquisition of the Finnish company ‘Beddit’ – what will the Tech Giant do with the Finnish startup?

Apple’s acquisition of the tiny Finnish startup company ‘Beddit’ made headline news around the world. was founded in 2006 and is based in Espoo and Helsinki, Finland. Beddit 3 is an extremely sensitive sleep tracker that you don’t have to wear, and it’s currently the only Finnish product in global Apple Store distribution. The sensor was released to rave reviews worldwide in October 2016 and has since sold out several times over. Beddit was also acknowledged as the most innovative digital service in Finland at the Grand One Awards Ceremony in 2017. With more and more of us using fitness and sleep tracking software, here at PillBox Chemists we’re always interested to learn what the future may hold in terms of the marketplace and to learn of new industry trends. In May 2017, their company became the first Finnish and only the second ever consumer product company to be acquired by the US Tech Giant […]

Pillbox Chemists to Launch Pharmacy Services through dedicated Website

Pillbox Chemists have launched a new website to sit alongside their main site dedicated to Pharmacy Services offering a full range of services from MURS/NMS to Travel Vaccinations. The website is at a early stage with development underway to offer a Online Booking System Q1 2020 Patients will be able to book a Pharmacy Service through the website at any one of the companies 23 pharmacies visit

Pillbox Chemists Launches Health Checks with Heart Screen in Hayes

Pillbox Chemists are offering a range of Private Health Checks. Which gives you an opportunity to get your health checked in no waiting time. Wellness Health Checks help to measure your risk of developing certain health problems and can help spot any early signs of conditions such as; stroke, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and other potential health issues. Our most in-depth assessment will give you a clear picture of your general health and wellbeing, with an extra focus on cardiovascular health with a Heart Rhythm Check. Developed with a team of Cardiologists and using the latest health testing technology the team at the pharmacy will guide you through a comprehensive range of tests, with plenty of time to discuss and explain your results.


Cholesterol Care with PillBox Chemists

Have you or anyone else you know got any cholesterol issues? Are you unable to check yours or someone else’s levels? Well, you’ve asked for it and we are now delivering. You can have your cholesterol levels checked at any of our Pharmacies.  Simply ask, and one of our trained Pharmacists or Pharmacy Assistants will conduct a simple fingertip ‘pinprick’ test for you. Our skilled professionals will accommodate you to one of our GPhC certified consultation room. What does that mean for you exactly? Our GPhC consultation rooms are approved by the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) which ensures that our standards meet the standards set by our bodies ensuring you get the best care possible in a looked after, well-managed environment to get your cholesterol levels checked.  Image Source: We will take a small blood sample just from your fingertip without you having to worry about pain or giving […]

weight loss items

Weight Management with PillBox Chemists.

Trying to reach and maintain a healthy weight can prove to be a difficult task. We’ve consulted with all of our resident pharmaceutical teams to collect the best tips for you, and here we have picked out the best 15 tips to help manage your weight. 1. Drink Enough Water, Especially Before Meals! Drinking enough water can increase the metabolism rate by 24-30% over the course of 1-1.5 hours, helping you be eligible to burn off more calories than normal. A study conveyed that drinking just half a litre, (or 19oz) of water, within a time frame of half an hour before meals, actually helped eat fewer calories along with losing 44% of more weight compared to the people who didn’t drink that amount of water before a meal. 2. Eating Eggs For Breakfast Eating an entire egg can have more benefits than you think, including helping you lose the […]


Free Blood Pressure Test with PillBox Chemists

Our Blood Pressure Checking Service is administered within all of our branches by the trained pharmacy team located within each branch. You aren’t needed to make an appointment on most occasions. You can just walk in and ask for a Blood Pressure Checking Service. However, if you’re busy and don’t want to be kept waiting, we advise you to pre-book this free service at your convenience and we will make sure that you are prioritised for that time by one of our professional staff team. Once you arrive for your blood pressure check, our trained professionals will take you to one of our GPhC approved consultation rooms, where you’ll be asked to rest and relax for 5 minutes; that way, that we can then measure your blood pressure in a relaxed and comfortable environment, and without you feeling under any stress. All blood pressure readings are presented in the form […]

Pillbox Chemist FAQ

What is Pillbox Chemist? Pillbox Chemist is one of the leading UK Chemists and they have a highly skilled team of qualified pharmacists. Offering a wide range of high quality tailored NHS and private pharmacy services. What services does Pillbox Chemist offer? They offer tons of different tests which include Allergy Test, Blood Pressure Check, Blood Sugar Test, Cannabis Clinic, Cholesterol Test, Emergency Contraception, Lung Age Test, Medicine Use Review, Now Medicine Service, Winter Flu Jabs, Health Check, Health Check Plus, Heart Rhythm, Pulse + 0.2 Saturation, Travel Clinic, Weight Management,  Who are Pillbox Chemists? An independent private healthcare business aiming to provide personalised Medical care of the highest quality; available to all local residents under one roof. PillBox Chemists sites open 5 days a week and offer same day appointments for most procedures, giving you unbeatable access to affordable and instant private care. Beat the NHS waiting times by […]

09/10/2019 STOPTOBER

What is Stoptober? 28-day national stop smoking campaign from 1st of October every year. Helps participants attempt quitting by providing support and resources Provides motivation to make a major change in their life. Stoptober offers support through many methods such as online chats and communities, free online personal quit plan, Stoptober app, stop smoking medicines and face to face support. Reasons to take part in Stoptober Smoking is the biggest cause of preventable illnesses and premature death causing over 80 thousand deaths per year in the UK. If smokers can quit for 28 days, they are 5 times more likely to quit for good Quit with support – people are four times more likely to quit if they identify the right quit plan and support for them. OSS and similar local SSS present the most effective route to stop smoking. Most smokers in England want to quit the habit (6 […]